Card System

It comes with a large illuminated LCD, can be seen in dark. Additionally, it had voice responsive in English, Automatic time setting for power ON and OFF, Sleep Mode and System Info mode.

Face Recognition System

Face Recognition System of multi-biometric identification time attendance products adopts latest BIO800 platform with face 7.0 and finger 10.0 algorithm and large capacity memory.

Fingerprint System

Identification speed is less than 1 second by fingerprint, ID number, code. It is support  26/34 bits and optional input/output. Software management is including.

Apply Our Expertise

HIP unites a spectrum of skills with an outstanding work ethic to create customized client solutions. Our team of professionals can tailor custom design an advanced IT and security system that suits you and your lifestyle. We also offers IT and security installation and maintenance services at reasonable prices without compromising on quality by its subsidiary engineering and technical support team.

Our technical consultants bring an average of 10-plus years of knowledge and experience to every project. They are constantly upgrading their knowledge and skill through technical education in the related field and also from our in-house training programs to meet the constant changes in the ever growing security industries. This will assure our customers of the best service. By applying our intellectual capital, experience, and talent, we deliver innovative and practical solutions without sacrificing speed, cost, or expertise.